“Look, mom, the clouds are playing Hyde and Seek with sun,

It looks like sky up there has lots and lots of fun!”

“You know we should have all that fun right here on earth,

That`s why we all come here as the gift of birth!

Come on, let`s play the same game, now!

Look to the sky and it will show you how!”

“You know you`re talking strange to me,

I`m just a kid, but I`ll grow up to see

What is the meaning of your wisdom word,

And I will make a difference in this world!”

“You`re making this already, I can tell you that!

Just promise me you never will forget,

Remember you are very special to us all,

No matter you’re a little baby or you’re old and tall!”

“I know, my grandpa always says dad is still his little boy,

Even I can`t imagine him playing with toys!”