Fast and delicious strawberries dessert

You need to mix four cups of Mascarpone cheese with ten tablespoons of sugar, the zest and juice of a small lemon and a cup of finely sliced strawberries.

Now that the first and the most… difficult part of this dessert is done, you have two options to choose from. You can place the cream on a cake dish and use lady fingers to fix them around your yummy strawberries cream, as you can see in this picture, or you can use sweet bread or brioche bread to slice it and make nice and delicious sweet sandwiches with your strawberries cream. Everything decorated with even more strawberries and other berries you like, of course.

It’s a fast and refreshing dessert you can prepare with your kids, family and friends, anytime you like. Of course, you can replace strawberries with any soft fruits you like, even with cocoa powder or smashed cookies and vanilla essence instead of lemon juice.


Pixabay pictures