Easy, calm and funny breakfast

This is a fast but not furious breakfast recipe! Watch my pictures, you`re about to take the classic morning fried egg to the next level, making it healthier and also good looking!

You just need to place some salumi slices inside a bowl, to completely cover its bottom, add the egg inside and sprinkle some happiness on top: a thick layer of shredded cheese! Cover the bowl with cling foil and the rest is history, of course, with a little help from your kitchen friend: the microwave oven!

It`s a healthier recipe simply because you no longer have to use oil or butter, you don`t fry the egg, just leave the fat from the shredded cheese and the salumi slices doing their magic. You can also use thin smoked bacon slices to replace salumi, or even some tomatoes slices, if you want the recipe even healthier!

Now, you have to admit: it`s a good looking tasty recipe for any busy early morning breakfast! This is also a good way to save little time for your morning coffee, because you can make your bowls ready for the microwave right from the evening, keep them in the fridge, overnight, and cook them in the morning no longer than one and a half minute. Or, you can even leave the bowls to your kids, if they are old enough to use the microwave oven and you have to go to work before they wake up!

If you like my idea, you can share with me and my readers the pictures with your fast but not furious breakfast and your first impressions, too!