Yummy Halloween octopus tentacles

With a pinch of smoked paprika and lot of imagination you can turn the most… boring chicken sausages into yummy Halloween tentacles.

First thing first, you need thin sausages so they could look like the real octopus tentacles in the end of their transformation. I suggest chicken sausages but you can use any thin sausages you like as long as they are raw, not smoked or already cooked somehow.

Now the funny part you could ask your kids to help you with. The sausages really need to be raw so you could… stabbed them with a fruit knife, from place to place, just on one side. This way you will get those cuts wide enough so the meat feeling could get out, forming those bumps, during the deep fry process.

This is an easy way to make your kids feel better about spending some quality time in the kitchen. It is also a good way to help them using their imagination so you could turn other recipes into scary ones for your Halloween party. What about some Mozzarella and olives eye balls?!