Turn any boring cake into a showstopper

How many times did you buy a… good looking cake to enjoy it home with kids and family and you were completely disappointed? Too much sugar, no specific flavor, too much sponge cake and just a trace of a tasteless cream. Don`t give up eating it just the way it is! Think about saving the situation so your kids could learn to reinvent things instead of taking them to the trash!

You should invest a little so you could save a lot! It is not just a cake! It is about the money you pay for something you don`t like and also about the joy of you and your kids and family! You could look like a kitchen hero or just accept things like you can`t do anything about it. Stop turning yourself into a trash bin, thinking you better eat a bad cake than throwing it away!

Here are few ingredients you should keep in your kitchen, just in case you buy a brownie tasting like cardboard or a vanilla cream cake without any trace of vanilla in it!

Save the cakes and also any other sweet treat with a little help of vanilla, rum, pistachio or almond extract or essence! Splash few drops of your favorite essence to any… boring cake and take it to the next level! Keep a jar with chocolate cream or a pack of powder milk and cocoa. You can mix these two with couple tablespoons of hot water and turn them into a super delicious cream! You could add some extra… crisp elements, using coconut flakes or even some smashed biscuits. Speaking of biscuits, next time when you buy ones, add few drops of vanilla essence on top of those dark brown with yummy white cream, you know what I am talking about, and you will never eat them in their original version!

Lemon zest and juice could also save your white tasteless cakes and also it will help your whole kitchen smelling like Christmas. Any plane Greek yogurt could turn into a creamy delight with a little help from few drops of vanilla essence, sugar or stevia. So, next time when you buy a… good looking cake, relax! Everything is under control!