It`s hard to spend quality time with your partner and your kids and no matter how much you… prioritize, it looks like you really need a 27 hours day! No wonder sometimes you notice a lack of communication between you and the rest of your family!

Parents are busy working, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, doing laundry, fixing things, kids are busy doing homework, having piano lessons, playing football. So, you should be creative when it comes to find out… what`s cooking, kids?!

Start this game even they are 3 or 4 years old, you will be grateful later! It will be your funny time so keep playing it even they are already teenagers, or should I say, especially because they are teenagers! So, be creative, start the game with a simple wish, kind of: I wish a new perfume, then dad should continue with a simple wish, too: I wish some burgers for dinner, encouraging the kids to open up a little, maybe they wish… an ice cream day or a ball, or some toys.

Next turn, maybe mom will wish for a day at spa, dad will wish for a bike ride with friends, kids will wish for a movie night with friends, or they will dare to talk about something more serious, like you spending more time with them, going out with you for shopping, cooking the meal together because they are passionate about it, taking painting lessons or ballet, more happy games and chats with you.

Kids know better than us what they are wishing for, and you might be surprise they will win the game because their list will be longer than yours, so you will stop first. The point is you start the game wishing for lemons and you will end it making lemonade and also a lemon pie! It should be easier for all of you to get along around a game table like this, than watching tv movies, playing computer games or even football.

Sometimes face to face talk works amazing. When you talk about some job issues, they will dare to talk about school issues, they will love to share with you all kind of social media pictures or texts as long as you dare to open up a little and do the same with them. Who knows, maybe you will ask them for some help with your computer or your phone, let them know you are not afraid to accept you don`t know everything and it`s ok to ask for help!

This is a game of trust, of dreaming nice together and also living nice together. You can write all the wishes of your games and make a wish board with their drawings or with some pictures from the magazines. Old school solutions for a little extra help!