This is a great way to introduce… spinach to your kids and grandkids, especially when they are not big fans of veggies. We love Greek spinach pie, so… this is my fast and yummy recipe of Greek spanakopita!

You need to smash 24 salted crackers and mix them with eight tablespoons of melted butter, until you get a mixture looking like wet sand. Put that into an oven tray and make sure you press it until cover evenly the tray.

Next step is to put a… heavy layer of grated parmesan and small chunks of feta cheese, add a big can of spinach, well dried, another layer of feta cheese and parmesan and cover with a mix of three eggs and half a cup of heavy cream. Sprinkle more parmesan on top and put it into the oven until it looks golden brown and smells amazing.

If you can’t live without meat, you can add some finely chopped smoked bacon together with the feta cheese and parmesan and take your spanakopita to the next level of… goodness! Also, if you want to use your bread leftovers, you can try to make your crust following this recipe: put big chunks of bread into a buttered oven tray and hydrate them with a mix of three eggs, one cup of cream, half a cup of condensed milk, salt and pepper.

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