Repurpose, recycle or just give your home a little joy

Take an old scarf, a ribbon or even a cloth stripe and give a new life to your old flower vases. Maybe they look boring without any flowers in, but instead of keep them this way, better help them look a little better and your home will look a little better, too!

You can’t have flowers in your vases all the time, but with some fancy ribbons and bows will make them look different!

You can also keep your little colorful and perfumed candles in a plane simple glass vase, until you bring in some flowers.

If you really want some green, natural green, you can choose a lucky bamboo. It is super easy to keep it alive and green all year long.

These are my recycling ideas. Before you think to give away your old scarfs or vases, just try to put them together and take them to the next level. And remember, for a touch of natural green, bring home a lucky bamboo!