Hazel, the fairy, and her miracles powder

Hazel is such a cute fairy, always happy to help her little sisters and brothers but also all the people who look like they need a little magic touch to get out of their troubles. She is so bubbling, flying all over the place, spreading her miracles powder and coming home with lots of amazing stories about people and their human struggles solved with a little help from her.

Not everybody was happy with Hazel way of living, helping others without ever thinking of her own purpose on the magic land of fairies. Her sisters and brothers were already aware of their own goals. Some of them were decided to help the trees get stronger than ever so they could resist climate changes. Others were already fighting to keep all the animals healthy and strong so there could be no more endangered species on earth. Birds were also helped by some of Hazel`s brothers and sisters who were making stronger nests and water sources for them, and so on.

Hazel was so happy with her power to make miracles happening that she couldn`t chose just one path to follow. Every day, she was focused to help people and her family to make their miracles, thinking she was happy this way. Except when she was home alone. Then, her happiness was fading because all kind of thoughts were troubling her mind about how her own path should look like.

One morning Hazel woke up with a huge pain in her right arm, she barely could wash herself and dress. Suddenly, her life changed, she could no longer eat with her right hand, or write her long “to do” lists, she started using her left hand and she urged for help from her father, The Creator of all the Universe. She immediately thought she was punished for not finding her own life path.

“Father, please forgive me and help me get healthy again! I know I should not spread my magic powder all over the place but it is so rewarding helping others! Now I can no longer do this because I can`t take the powder with my left hand and spread it with my poor hurt right hand. Even when I try to fly or walk, I feel like I lost my balance. Please, help me!”

“You are already healthy, my little fairy. It`s just you don`t feel it right now. All you have to do is to stop blaming yourself for your mistakes. There is no mistake I can’t forgive, so now it is your turn to forgive yourself and you will feel your power immediately”.

“But my hand is so swallowed and it hurts so much, I can’t move and I’m afraid I can no longer have the power to talk to you and help myself, not to mention others”.

“Stop crying and feel good, right now! You always know how to make your brothers and sisters get over their own struggles, now it is your turn to believe in your power. I will never leave you and I would never punish my own creation. You have to be happy. Don’t let one bad thing ruin hundreds of good things! Remember you were always thanking so much for every little thing you were gaining, since you were just a baby? Be grateful you could use your left hand, but not overwhelmed her with useless tasks. Your whole body needs to rest so you could get back your strength and recover your right hand but also the power to believe!”

“I know, but look how swallowed my right hand is!”

“Yes, but as far as I can see, you could already move it better than yesterday! Am I right?”

“Yes, but I am afraid it will not turn the way it was before! What if I would wake up and I will not be able to move it at all?”

“Stop your “what if” bad questions! You are way much stronger than that and you know I will never allow such a horrible thing happening to you! Stop whining and look, your hand moves better and it is not so painful that it was the day before, you should be grateful! I believe in you, now it’s your turn”.

“Thank you, father, you gave me a little hope. But what if I will be forgotten by all the people in need for my help, until I will get back in shape and my miracles powder will no longer be needed?”

“There is always a good need for your miracles, stop worry and remember my power is in you, right now, so you can’t be forgotten or useless. Now you are the one who needs your power the most, just relax and enjoy life! Imagine you are on vacation!”, said The Creator, laughing gently.

“Oh dear, now I should learn to spend quality time, home alone!”, whines the little fairy.

“You will learn to stop and enjoy every moment, walking in the nature, feeling the wind playing with your hair, listening the birds singing and the sunrise enlightening your face and, don’t worry, your path will show up when you will no longer expect it”.

With a little help from her father, Hazel stopped whining and now she is already cured, because she discovered a great game, for any bad thing she thinks of, she challenges herself to find at least five good things to be grateful for. She already knows her purpose is to help kids by helping their parents and grandparents rediscover their inner kid, so they could enjoy life in the most playful and imaginative way ever! This is the way kids could grow happy, believing in their unique nature and their inner power.

Hazel also learned how to accept she has to stop helping others before they ask for help, so she no longer wastes her miracles powder and now she is even powerful than before. Her right hand showed her how strong her left hand is, and her entire body, wings included, too! She is such a bubbling fairy, inside and out, thanks to her loving nature, knowing to remember everyone including herself that love always attracts more love and all kind of amazing miracles!

Pixabay photo