Salt and sugar are in fight

Who`s making the food`s taste right.

“Add just sugar and your food

Never ever will be good!”,

Salt is screaming loud and proud.

“I`m the queen of every meal,

Without you is not big deal!”

Sugar seems to understand

He could never be salt`s friend.

“Stop fighting against each other!”,

Screams the kitchen`s old grandmother.

“Mixing sugar, salt and flour,

I will get the holly power

To bake cookies or fry wings,

Who cares salt or sugar wins?!

We love salt in every dish,

Veggies, chicken or some fish,

Sugar is my secret power

For my grandkids… happy hour

When they ask for something good,

Different than an usual food”.

So, who`s the winner in this fight?

Who`s making any food`s taste right?