Two happy meals, one secret touch

Sometimes love tastes like comfort food with a secret ingredient. I dare you to try these two happy meals and discover my secret healthy touch which will take them to the next level of yumminess! Kids at any ages, grandpas included, could reject your food, no matter how good looking it is, simply because you are telling them the complete list of the ingredients. Challenge your dear ones to discover what`s new in your… humble omelette, or in your tomatoes soup and they will be more willing to taste it!

First thing first, this is not a secret, everything tastes better with cheese, so don`t be shy! It could be shredded cheese, parmesan, Pecorino Romano, or even white Cheddar powder, Mozzarella, you name it.

For the omelette, take two finely chopped spring onions and give them a quick fry in two tablespoons of vegetable oil, not necessary olive oil, sunflower could work great, too! Add my secret ingredient which is half a cup of shredded pumpkin, wait until it will soft a little with the green onions. Optional you could add small bacon pieces for some extra flavor and also to make your picky eaters more interested in your… booring dish! Mix three eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper, pour them over your veggies with bacon, cover the pan and wait until the edges are turning pale yellow, so you could easily turn the omelette on the other side. Relax, you don`t have to turn it in one piece, but after you did it, crack an extra egg somewhere on the omelette, add the cheese, cover with the lid and wait until you could easily see the omelette looking like a beautiful pie, fluffy and delicious! It would take about two minutes to get there. Make sure you use a non-sticky pan, so your work of culinary art slides safely on the plate, ready to be the star of your breakfast, brunch or even lunch!

For my red good looking soup, chop a medium size yellow onion and give it a good fry into some oil, three tablespoons would be great. Sprinkle some salt to get out the juices from the onion, cover with a lid and while your onion turns translucent, chop a goodlooking red bell pepper. Add it in the pan, give it a good mix with the onion and let them about three to five minutes to… bubble together. Add two cups of shredded pumpkin, mix it with the veggies, sprinkle more salt and pepper and let them cook together until they are just a little crunchy. Add two tablespoons of tomatoes paste, mix just a little so it could release its flavor into the hot pan, add three cups of tomatoes juice and one cup of water and give a last… bubbling session to your hot soup. Serve it with shredded cheese on top, a good blob of Greek yogurt, for the sour creamy taste, a touch of chili paste, if kids are big enough to enjoy it safely and some green parsley for the green effect! Also, you could place some small dishes with… extra options, like small crispy bacon slices, olives and also more cheese in little cubes.

Enjoy your meals and remember pumpkin is great all year long, not just for Halloween season, providing a good amount of minerals and vitamins, including A, retinol, so you could take good care of your sight. It also gives a fresh and sweet taste to your meals, so you should try it!