Turn your salad into a work of art!

When it comes to good looking food that it also tastes amazing, nothing is too much, especially when you need a showstopper for a festive dinner. So, with a little effort, your potatoes salad, beef or chicken salad will never look the same, if you follow my steps.

All you need is to place a big cling foil inside a salad bowl, making sure it is big enough to cover the top of it, after you fill the bowl with your favorite salad.

First step is to cut fine slices of cucumber and red bell peppers and place them inside the bowl, sticking them on the cling foil. Then put inside your salad, pushing slowly with a tablespoon so it could get the round shape of the bowl.

Cover the top of the salad with cucumber and bell peppers slices and the extra cling foil and put the bowl inside the fridge for at least one hour. When you are ready to launch your work of art on the table, so it could be enjoyed with family and friends, just remove the cling foil from the top of the bowl and place an upside-down plate, as big as possible, so you could manage to turn the bowl together with the plate and your festive looking salad will land safely on the plate, ready for the big reveal, after you completely remove the cling foil, of course!

You can use potatoes salad, even tuna salad, any recipe you love and it has enough mayo so it could stick into the bowl you use to shape it like a dome!

You can also replace the cucumbers and red bell peppers with carrots or any… good looking veggies, but also, you could use chorizo slices if you like some extra spice. Also, you can place the salad alone into the cling foil bowl and decorate it after you get it into the proper shape. It’s easy to cover the salad with green peas or olive slices, looking great too.

This upside-down idea works great even if you want to decorate the dessert, use cookies to cover the cling foil of your bowl and fill the rest with any cream you like, mascarpone cheese with any flavor or even ice cream! Just use your imagination!