The story of the first unicorn ever

“Grandpa, I love unicorns so much, but how can I see one for real? I only see them in pictures or in paintings”, says little Dora.

“Well, they live in a secret place, deep in a huge old forest where trees are so high, they can touch the sky”, answers Grandpa Joe.

But it looks this answer was not good enough for his 5 years old curious granddaughter. So, he had to keep telling the story of the unicorn.

“Long ago, when the sun was so bright and the heat was very strong on earth melting all the glaciers, animals had to protect against the hot weather, so a young white mare got herself inside a big hollow of a huge old tree and there she gave birth to her first daughter, so beautiful and white, but also so petit and fragile!”

“What`s petit?”, asks Dora, already listening very careful to his Grandpa`s story.

“It`s small, that first born was a small horse, maybe because of the hollow had to live in. Anyway, the white little one had to get out from time to time, so she could get familiar with the world and any time she was squeezing out of the hollow, she was hitting her forehead into a thick old branch of the tree. So, little by little, the young white horse turned into the first unicorn, because of her bump on the forehead”.

“Grandpa, but the unicorns are magical creatures, that`s nothing magic in your… bump story”, says little Dora.

“What did Grandma always tell you about not jumping to conclusions?”

“Ok, but make it fast, I have to draw a unicorn for my drawing class and you suppose to help me. Remember?”

“The magic you are looking for is not in the unicorns but in their story, Dora! They managed to survive the heat and, just like you, rushing to go outside, they were forgetting to avoid that branch! So, they got hurt in the same place and their bump got bigger and bigger! But even so, without even knowing, they became famous among us, people, thanks to their bumps!”

“And why they are all white?”

“Because they were living in the dark hollow of that tree, without any chance of getting a little blush from the sun light. That`s why they were little horses, too!”, says Grandpa, hoping Dora is already satisfied with his story and will stop asking more questions.

“But some of them are bigger, you know, like normal horses”.

“Because when God saw how people and all His creation was struggling with that strong heat, sent some rains over the world and the trees and all the plants and even animals starting to grow and get bigger and stronger”.

“Ok, Grandpa, now the last question for you. Why do unicorns have pink, purple or even yellow traces on their hair?”

“A huge rainbow came over the world when rain stopped and its colors were so strong and beautiful that printed themselves on the wet hair of the white unicorns. Of course, just some of them, who happened to be outside at that moment”.

“Grandma is the wisest woman on earth”, says Dora.

“And what has Grandma to do with my unicorn story?”

“She knew how wise you are and she married you, so we could have this conversation now”, answers the little girl.

“See, Grandpa, you don`t have answers for everything”, smiles Dora, while she was adding her last color touches on her unicorn drawing.

“You must believe in the magic of the unicorns, because they are so rare and when you see one, you know something good is coming to you. And now you just create your own unicorn with this drawing, which means you are at a unicorn distance from anything you wish for!”, says Grandpa, smiling proudly of his Dora.