This is a delicious oriental way to cook the chicken that I am pretty sure you will enjoy it. It is easy to prepare, using just one pot.

Salt about half a pound of chicken meat, cover it in flour and give it a quick fry. Take out the chicken and use the same vegetal oil to give a quick fry to half a pound of white Spanish onions or red onions quarters. We use this type of onions because is sweeter and not so strong flavored as the yellow onion. After you give it a quick fry, add four cups of chicken stock, one cinnamon stick, half a pound of dried dates, figs and apricots mix, one teaspoon of shredded ginger, one garlic clove finely minced, one teaspoon of turmeric, half a pound of potatoes quarters, half a pound of button mushrooms or brown mushrooms, two big carrots cut in big chunks and salt. Add the chicken meat too, cover the pot and let it boil until the meat is tender.

You can also cook this meal in the oven, until the meat is well done and the sauce turns thicker. Add couple of butter blobs, for an extra flavor and shine.

It’s a special recipe for chicken but you can also use turkey meat or even beef. Enjoy it with rice or simply with bread.