Shabby chic, a way to connect your past with the future

People are talking all the time about recycling, but when it comes to decorate houses and turn them into homes, most people are looking for new things, new furniture, new paintings, new everything. The idea of using grandma`s kitchen table or some old photo frames, maybe even a classic clock hanging on the wall, doesn`t sound great for everybody.

Shabby chic is a great way to give your home a soul! It doesn`t necessary mean it`s a… girlish style, men could have their own way to decorate homes, lodges, hunting cabins or even… man caves, using old furniture elements, creating new ones using recycled wood, brushing walls in creamy white, hanging some old pictures frames, clocks and so on! Vases and paintings, tablecloths or curtains, flower patterns, light and bright colors, will complete the image of a shabby chic home. This is a way to connect your past with the future and to teach your kids and grandkids how to love and reinvent old things, giving them a new life.

If you`re not a big fan of this style, maybe you should start with an… accent wall, shabby chic style, so you could check if it works for you and your family.