Little Isabel and her precious… first letter

Isabel is a funny little girl, long blonde hair and big blue eyes, always bubbling and very talkative. She is the pride and joy of her Nana, so no wonder grandma noticed one day, after coming home from school, her precious little girl was no longer smiling and talking all the time.

Something was bothering Isabel`s little soul. She was sitting quiet on her bed, instead of imagine games with her favorite toys, like she usually was doing after school.

“How are you, sweet pie? How was your day?”, asked Nana.

“It was fine, Nana, but I don`t really want to talk about it”.

“So, do you want to bake some cookies together?”, Nana tried to tempt Isabel with one of her favorites… kitchen activities.

“Maybe later, now I really have to think about something very important, answered the little girl, increasing her Nana curiosity. She was aware it was the very first time when Isabel wasn`t excited about baking cookies, so it had to be something really important bothering the little girl.

“Nana, what`s the story of my name?”

“What do you mean, sweetheart?”

“I mean why on earth I am wearing this name starting with an “I”?! Even my annoying schoolmate Patrick has a better first letter! We all laughed at him, in the beginning, because of the pee thing, but he found out that a lot of amazing words begin with a “P”, like Please, or Power, or Proud, or Pride, or… I don`t know. Why do I have to wear this name? I couldn`t find too many good words starting with an “I”, just Imagination, Idea… So, I had to keep my words list open until I will complete it with more great words. Lola and Luke have Love, Like, Lake, Light, Luxury, to be honest I don`t really know what luxury means, but… Now do you understand why I am so busy thinking?”

“What did you say?”

“Nona, stop asking me again! I am busy thinking!!!”

“Come again?!”

“Now I`m really upset”, said little Isabel.

“Can`t you see that all the action begins with your name`s first letter?”

“Nona, I can`t follow you!”

“I can’t follow you! I love you! I will bake some cookies! I love to play with my toys! I have the most magic name and first letter! I, I, I! There is no other letter like “I”, it is not just a letter, it is also the only one letter word and the most magical and important one, I can assure you, little baby! Now, you got it? Still do you want to change your name so you could have a better first letter?”, smiles Nona.

“Nona, you`re the best! And I have a brilliant idea! We could bake some “I” shape cookies, so I could take some to school and celebrate my name`s first letter!”

“Now I can finally enjoy my precious girl, again! For an hour, I was about to ask you who are you and what have you done with my precious singing bird Isabel! You really worried me, sweetheart! Tomorrow you will celebrate not just your name`s first letter but also you could ask all your schoolmates and your teacher to celebrate themselves! Every one of us has his own “I” word! And you, my little girl, never be ashamed of your name, because God knows every single one of us by name. And remember, easy comes, easy goes! Maybe Patrick was proud with his “P”-s, and Luke with his “L”-s, because their words were so obviously good, but your “I” was right in front of everyone and no one noticed that! Not even Mrs. Flemming, your teacher! So, next time when you have a problem, come to Nona! Of course, when it comes to Math, you better go to grandpa! He is really great, no wonder your dad is an amazing engineer!”

“Thank you, Nona! You are the best! Now we really are busy! We have to bake lots and lots of “I” shape cookies for school and for us, too!”, chirps little Isabel.


Pixabay picture