Lemon cake with a crispy yummy top

You need 14 digestive biscuits finely chopped, mixed with 6.24oz of melted butter. Put the mixture into a round tray of 9 inches diameter, to make a crust. Push carefully also on the sides of the tray, just to make sure you get the same thickness for your crust.

Mix 14.24oz condensed milk with three egg yolks and the zest and juice of two lemons, until you get a thick cream. Pour the lemon cream delight over the crust and put the tray into the fridge just to keep it fresh while you get that crispy yummy top I was talking about!

Mix three egg whites with 6.24oz of caster sugar. Make sure you add the sugar little by little, one tablespoon at a time, until everything looks shiny and thick. Take the oven tray with the lemon cream out of the fridge and add the meringue on top. Put the tray into the oven until meringue looks pale brown. It’s a delicious cake to enjoy even if it’s still warm.

Now the versatile part of this recipe: you can enjoy this cake without the crispy top, or replacing the meringue with ice cream, if you think meringue could be too much for you. In the meantime, if you are not crazy about lemon cream, you can replace it with your favorite fruits jelly or jam and keep the meringue on top!

And now for the last ”if”: you can use a kitchen torch, if your adventure spirit is high and you will turn your meringue pale brown with darker accents here and there. It is all up to you! The taste is heavenly, anyway!