Of course, not everybody love humus, but a good amount of chickpeas, the main ingredient, is very healthy. That’s why you should give humus another try, with this creamy and delicious homemade recipe!

So, get busy! Mix two cups of chickpeas with a pinch of salt and half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, added little by little. Next, mix the juice of half lemon and after everything looks smooth and creamy, add two minced garlic cloves turned into a paste with a little help from a pinch of salt and a secret but yummy ingredient: condensed milk, about two tablespoons! This is the special twist that takes a boring humus recipe to the next level, adding some sweetness and also an extra creamy sensation! For some texture, but also to respect the original ingredients of this oriental recipe, add two tablespoons of sesame seeds and check for salt.

Put the humus into a nice ball, add chili paste or red bell pepper paste right in the middle and start playing with a toothpick, to make a nice… red painting in your humus but also to add some extra flavor. A sprinkle of zaatar powder could be another way to improve the… situation! For a final touch, use thin chorizo slices, or cucumber slices, or both, for an extra tasty topping.

Chickpeas low the cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood. It also provides about 25% of the daily recommendation for iron, good amount of C and E vitamins, together with folic acid, protecting against different types of cancer and digestive diseases.