We use a large deep pot to fry a big chopped onion together with one bay leaf, a pinch of salt and some thyme, until it turns soft. Separately we fry small chunks of beef, about one pound, for couple of minutes, just until we seal juices inside.

Add the meat on the onion, sprinkle one tablespoon of flour and mix with salt and pepper then add one bottle of dark Belgium beer. Spread a thick layer of horseradish mustard, usually I use Dijon mustard, on two bread slices, crust removed, and put them into the stew pot with the mustard face down. Cover with a lid and boil slowly for about an hour. The bread will completely melt and it will also turn the gravy more thicker and tasteful.

If you want to take this basic stew to the next level of yumminess and also turn it into a great looking dish, then you can put the stew into small bowls… oven proof and make a grill on top of them with mashed potatoes covered in melted salted butter. Put them into the oven until the potatoes turn golden and sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top, for the last touch of fabulous taste.